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Attention Health Care Clients

Legislative Alert

We wanted to update you regarding changes that were made during the legislative

session regarding the required notice we’ve been sending for you either via

certified mail or text.

We worked very hard to try to add a provision to allow first class mail and email,

however, that did not go through. Our lobbyist is confident that next year, after the

bill sponsor (Curt Webb) has retired that we will be able to get these changes



There were changes made to the legislation. Changes were run under HB204. 

This legislation was signed by the Governor and will go into effect 5/7/18.


·         Clarification was made that providers may contract with a collection agency to

send the required notice as long as no credit reporting is done prior to the due date

stated in the notice.

·         Notice is not required if the account is not going to be reported to a credit bureau.


Because credit bureau reporting is done on account balances $50 and higher, we

would recommend that you not send letters on accounts with an assigned balance

less than $50.00 since they won’t be reporting to credit under any conditions.

Beginning 5/7 we will no longer send these notices on accounts that have a

balance less than $50 unless you specifically request that we do so.  Please

let us know right away if you want to continue sending these notices on

small balance accounts.

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